December 1, 2023

Bob Titzer, HSA PrimeCare EVP

In its November/December 2023 edition, ALM | Globe St. Real Estate Forum has named HSA PrimeCare executive vice president Robert Titzer to its list of national healthcare and senior housing influencers.

Real Estate Forum‘s write-up of Titzer highlights his experience in the industry as a leader for over 25 years, which includes tenant representation, property marketing, real estate development, land transaction and owner representation.

“Throughout his time at HSA PrimeCare, Titzer has partnered with healthcare providers to create modern facilities that meet patient needs amid industry changes, including everything from technological advancements to changes in how providers are reimbursed for services provided.”

John Wilson, HSA PrimeCare President

In addition, the publication also includes comments from PrimeCare president John Wilson for a feature titled, “Medical Office and Life Sciences: Two Sides of an Investment Coin,” which delves into how despite life sciences and medical office being complementary with one another, investors usually embrace one or the other.

“With single-digit vacancy rates and strong fundamentals like life science but backed by healthcare spending rather than venture funding, it’s still a strong bet for today. And for the future, because with an aging population, there will be plenty of needs for doctors of all sorts, and the medical offices they lease.”

Congratulations to Bob and the HSA PrimeCare team on this recognition! Click here to read the full digital edition of Real Estate Forum.

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